1. Turn off Power to the well
  2. Turn on all COLD​ water faucets in house
  3. Wait till all water is done coming out of faucets
  4. use a tire gauge on the air charging valve to check current air pressure.
  5. The pressure should amount to 28-30 PSI If not add or remove the proper amount of air.
  6. Turn off faucets and restore power to the well.

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Instructions on how to properly maintenance your pressure tank

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Yearly Well Maintenance For Home Owners

What functions do bladder pressure tanks serve?

  • Maintain a desired range of water pressure in the water system.
  • Minimize pump cycling, preventing frequent starts and stops, protecting pumps from damage. 
  • Protect against water hammer. 

Preventive maintenance can help your well system from costing you money. typically a submersible pump will last 10-15 years on average and a pressure tank 5-7 years. most of the time what shortens their lifespan is incorrect air pressure in the pressure tank. 99% of residental pressure tanks should have 28-30 PSI