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2, 4, 5 inch well repair and rehab

We have a saying here at Thompson Well Drilling "Do-it-yourselfers are our best customers!". That being said, most minor well repairs can be accomplished by any ablebodied home owner. But what typically winds up happening is a simple adjustment to the system was all that was needed and a service call charge that turns into a major repair bill. When a well is installed by the driller, all of the components are set to work in harmony with one another. As all of the components are man-made, they will require maintance over the course of their lifetime.

Here is a list of some of the more common repair and rehab services available at Thompson Well Drilling

Chemical treatment- This is performed on wells that are drawing down (air in system) or just not producing the volume of water they did when they were new

Pump Replacement-  Typically Speaking pumps should last 15 years

Water line breaks outside the home- Water puddling around the outside of the well casing or from the well to the house

Tank replacement- Pump cycles too often or new odor/smell noticed

Broken well casing- Wells damaged due to being hit

* Converting a conventional system to a constant pressure system

Well chlorination-Disinfection- For realestate transactions or failure of required testing by the state for businesses

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Over 80 Years Of Combined experience

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Over 80 Years Of Combined experience

Give Us A Call 616 754 5032

At Thompson Well Drilling we strive to be one of the best Water Well Drilling Companies by being Honest, Dependable , and understanding of all your Water Well Needs